Dragon’s Egg

Luca Pozzi

Monforte d’Alba, Cuneo, Italy
From September 23, to November 11, 2017

In 2017, as part of the Edition 1 of Monforte Contemporanea, AP Projets d’Art collaborated with the Fonderia Artistica De Carli in the creation of the Dragon’s Egg project by Luca Pozzi.

The piece of art represents a distorted tennis ball coming from space at ultra-high speed, then materialised and blocked a moment before its impact.

Since then, Dragon’s egg  was presented on various occasions by the artist:

  • The Grandfather Platform [753 a.c. – 2018 d.c.] Palazzo Magnani Roma 2018
  • The Dragon’s Egg, Edicola Radesky, Milano 2018
  • UNIVERSIMONDI@ELFO, Teatro Elfo Puccini, Milano 2018
  • Degrees of freedom, Contemporary Cluster, Roma, 2019
  • The grandfather platform in Fuksa’s Nuvola, TED x Roma 2019