Témoins à charge

Davide Rivalta

Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
From May 05, 2018, to September 2, 2018

RTS – Couleurs locales’ show
Interview with Philippe Jacopin (in French)

Dance – Exeshot x Le Lockart x Mitch Gasser
Video “ANIMA”

Rivalta Rinoceronte

The exhibition is entirely produced and organised by AP Projets d’Art.

About twenty life-size animals spent the summer by the lake in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Along a route through the City, at emblematic locations chosen by the artist, the visitor was able to meet a family of lions lazing in the sun, a pack of wolves guarding the cathedral, a bear at Place Pury, a rhinoceros with his feet in the water and many others.

Silent prosecution witnesses, these animals wish to remind us that we come from the same animal world and that it is vital to maintain a close connection with them.

Following this exhibition, the crowdfunding launched by the City of Neuchâtel allowed raising the necessary funds for the acquisition of three wolves. The City also bought a rhino, and a philanthropist donated three buffaloes, installed in the heart of the City.